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General and Cosmetic Dentistry

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Publications & Patents



Publications by Dr. Ouellet

A Conservative Approach to Restoring Anterior Guidance With Cerinate Porcelain Veneers - While Changing Vertical Dimension to Eliminate TMD Headaches, DentalTown, May 2004, Vol 5 / Iss 5

More Than a Lasting Impression - A Lasting Result / One Visit Bridge Restoration ... 14 Years Later, DentalTown, April 2004, Vol 5 / Iss 4

Using Rembrandt Veneers in my Daily Practice, DentalTown, May 2003, Vol 4 / Iss 5

Creating the "Want" for Better Smiles in Your Patients, DentalTown, July 2003 Vol 4 / Iss 7

Use of Geristore in the treatment of a Split, Vital Tooth, DentalTown, December 2002 Vol 3 / Iss 12

LADR Poster Presentation, San Francisco March 1996

Considerations and Techniques for Multiple Bulk-Fill Direct Posterior Composites, D. Ouellet, COMPENDIUM, December 1995

A Simple Method Measuring Composite Resins Polymerization Shrinkage, D.F.Ouellet, 1996 LADR, San Francisco, CA

Double Blind Whitening Nightguard Study Using 19% Carbamide Peroxide, D. Ouellet, S. Los, H. Case, R. Healy, JOURNAL OF ESTHETIC DENTISTRY, Vol. 4 N. 3, May/June 1992

Restoring the Worn Dentition, R. Ibsen, D. Ouellet, JOURNAL OF ESTHETIC DENTISTRY, Vol 4, No 3, May/June 1992

Dentin Bonding: Bonding Strength/Surface Effect/Properties, D. Ouellet, AADR Boston, MA March 12, 1992

Rembrandt Whitening System and Quik Start Versatile Tooth Bleaching Systems, R. Ibsen, D. Ouellet, JOURNAL OF ESTHETIC DENTISTRY, Vol 3, No. 5, Sept/Oct 1991

An Oxalate Bonding System for All Intraoral Surfaces, D. Ouellet, ESTHETIC DENTISTRY UPDATE< Vol. 2, No. 3, June 1991
Clinically Successful Dentin and Enamel Bonding, R. Ibsen, D. Ouellet, H. Strassler, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF DENTISTRY, Special Issue, July 1989

Contributing Writer for FUTURE DENTISTRY

Research by Dr. Ouellet

Advising Research Consultant for product development and ongoing dental research, Den-Mat Corporation.

Ultrastructural Development of Continal Eruption of Rat Incisors Using EM and SEM.

Dental-EZ - Updating Dental Chair Design.

Resin Bonded Bridge - Clinical research for Placement and Clinical Evaluation.

Genetic Related Factor on Enamel Hypoplasia and Taurodontism.


Patent Granted to Dr. Ouellet

Method of Heat Curing Composites