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How Lumineers Differ From Traditional Veneers

Your smile is your calling card to the world. If you’re not thrilled with your smile, you can fix that. Lumineers®, which are

Do you have dingy teeth? Do you have teeth that are crooked or have gaps? Dental veneers, which go on the fronts of your teeth, can fix these and other cosmetic issues. And the top veneers in dentistry today are Lumineers®.

Lumineers are super thin and offer several advantages over traditional veneers. In this blog, David Ouellet, DDS, at Pacific Coast Smiles explains what makes Lumineers special and how they can give you a great smile.

Thin is in

Perhaps the biggest difference between Lumineers and conventional dental veneers comes down to dimensions. All dental veneers are made of thin tooth-like materials ― often porcelain ― and they’re affixed to the fronts of teeth.

While all veneers are thin, Lumineers are super thin. Lumineers are almost one-quarter of a millimeter, while traditional veneers are about half a millimeter thick.

Since veneers are cemented onto your teeth, these differences in size are critical, because the dimensions of your teeth can change once the veneers are in place. That leads to the next difference between Lumineers and other veneers. 

Tooth preparation

Even though traditional veneers are only half a millimeter thick, that’s enough to look odd when cemented onto teeth. To make traditional veneers look natural, tooth enamel of the equivalent thickness must removed before the veneers are placed to prevent an unusual appearance.

With super thin Lumineers, tooth enamel usually doesn’t have to be removed for natural-looking results. They can be placed directly onto your teeth. As well as simplifying the process, not having to remove enamel means you can remove your Lumineers if you don’t like them.

With conventional veneers, after removing the enamel, there’s no going back. And while you’ll likely love the appearance of your Lumineers, there’s comfort in knowing that they likely won’t require extensive reshaping of your natural teeth. 

Benefits of Lumineers

Despite their streamlined construction, Lumineers can still provide the benefits that regular veneers offer. They can make your teeth sparkle and they can bolster weak or damaged teeth. Lumineers can also fill out gaps and fix alignment issues.

With Lumineers, you can continue to enjoy the foods you always have. When your Lumineers are fitted and bonded, the process is completely pain-free. And your Lumineers can last as long as 20 years

To find out more about Lumineers and learn if you’re a candidate for treatment, request an appointment with Pacific Coast Smiles today.

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